Rethink How You Make your Hiring Decisions

In September 2015, SPB maintained its cutting edge position by launching a new brand: SPB D-Teck. The product of careful strategic considerations arising from observation of a rapidly changing environment, this new SPB brand seeks to enhance the value assessment data, which can either be useless or useful, depending how we use them.

Useful how?

Drawing on the added value of a research and development team, SPB D-Teck makes the business intelligence of its organizational psychologists available to clients upstream in the consultation process as they seek:

  • Independence: no need to bring in a consultant;
  • Thoroughness: access to the judgment of esteemed organizational psychologists;
  • A small investment: reports are available for as little as a few dozen dollars;
  • Fast access to results: once completed, reports are emailed to you within a minute.

Visit our online Boutique

Three reports with high value added are already available on our website. In addition to the Industrial Support, Sales, and Administrative Support reports, seven new reports will be added in 2016!

Online reports are based on three or four globally recognized tests or questionnaires (usually taking less than 75 minutes) and include several high value-added sections (such as integration advice, interview questions, clear recommendations, etc.).

Get advice from our Agency

Acting as a broker, D-Teck can direct you to the best tests and the reports best matched to your needs. Overall, we provide dozens of tests and hundreds of reports for clients with very specific needs.

Benefit from a high level of personalization with our Designer service

To meet the specific needs of its clients (such as specific report sections, a particular competencies model, an alternative assessment scale, etc.), our Designer service pools all our research and development, information technology and publishing expertise.

Keep checking in on us all this year. Starting in March, we will have new products in our Boutique!