Assess Your Team Leaders' Disposition to Development

Assess Like a Pro

How to develop your team leaders? D-Teck answers the question

D-Teck unveils a new integrated online assessment. It accurately measures (without the intervention of a consultant) the ability of a first-level leader to develop. 

This standalone evaluation kit helps you maximize the development potential of the individual once on the job. 

  • Do you want to assess the development potential of a leader in a job?
  • Do you want to know your first-level leaders better to support them in their management and leadership development?
  • Are you looking for a reliable, fast and inexpensive solution?


The online team leader development assessment combines seven tools: a logical reasoning test, three personality inventories, a questionnaire on deraillers, a situational judgment test and a questionnaire on disposition towards development.

The questionnaire on disposition towards development integrated in this online assessment kit is a proprietary tool developed by SPB and used in potential assessments for executives in accelerated development. 

 This solution is powerful, fast and 100% independent. You are guaranteed to have a proven solution combining the best tools on the market. 

 The self-interpretable report requires no certification. In addition to the results to nine competencies assessed, the automated report provides you with interview questions and suggestions for integration. 


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