Letter To My Daughter

To my beautiful baby girl,

You are just a newborn…only a few days old. You don’t know this yet, but you, your brother and your sister will have the chance to discover innovations which, today, are in the creative minds of this world as well as others that are already being tested in laboratories. As I grow old and slowly feel unable to keep up with the speed of change, you and your colleagues will probably be amazed by the following innovations which may be created between now and 2050:

  • Tree lamp posts to light city streets, making it possible to reduce global electricity consumption considerably.
  • Robotic workers, which will make it possible to reduce the number of work-related accidents by filling roles that are dangerous for humans and which should even be able to provide healthcare services with the help of artificial intelligence.
  • Mining ore on the moon: in the not-so-distant future we will have depleted certain natural resources here on earth.
  • Spray-on clothing: just for style or to administer medication through the skin.
  • Eternal plants: which need less fertilizer. This will be the greatest revolution in 10,000 years of farming!
  • Self-driving cars to substantially reduce the number of deadly road accidents
  • Self-repairing bridges: water, when mixed with a new type of concrete, will create a reaction for bacteria incorporated into the concrete, making it possible for cracks to fill themselves and saving millions of dollars in repair costs.  
  • The light-controlled brain, which will make it possible to activate certain precise neurons, such as those for a person’s arms and legs.
  • An AIDS vaccine will finally have been developed, making it possible to save millions of lives.

Who knows, maybe you, your brother or your sister will have a brilliant idea that will make it possible to revolutionize the HR function as it is known today!  

We wish you all Happy Holidays! The entire D-Teck team looks forward to working with you in 2017. We hope that you take the time to rest during this holiday season…and that you come back full of new ideas!