A word from our CTO

Felix Roberge - D-TECK CTOIn this very competitive world, the capacity of a company to exploit data through machine leaning and AI will set them apart from the competition.

This is why I decided to join D-TECK, so we could help companies recruit faster and better by leveraging our data and algorithms.

Hi, I'm Félix. A programmer, an architect, a technology enthusiast, a conference speaker and among other things, I enjoy driving disruption and transformation to face an ever changing industry. 

I take pride in simplifying operations and driving innovation by providing lost
cost, scalable and reliable software solutions that people will use and love.

Believer of the added value of community, I'm very involved in multiple user groups and in the Open Source Software movement.

I'm devoted in building and mentoring strong teams that nurture innovation and
excellence while focusing on a stellar company culture.

Let's connect,

-Félix Roberge

#HumanResource #Psychometrics