Who We Are

D-Teck is an online talent assessment broker. 

Our Boutique and Customized Test solutions give you access to the broadest array of online assessment tools and psychometric tests on the market.

Drawing on our research and development, and our specialists’ expertise and know-how, our solutions help you make informed talent management decisions. Whether to optimize your talent identification process or boost your organization’s performance, we can provide you with the tools that give your company a significant competitive advantage.

We are proud to be a Canadian leader in brokering and distribution of self-guided psychometric assessment solutions for businesses.



The History of D-Teck

Behind D-Teck is a dream of transforming the use of psychometrics by making this science accessible to all companies, regardless of size, sector or geographic location. In the 35 years it has been in business, our parent company, SPB Organizational Psychology, has focused on three essential ingredients for our success:

  • A team of more than 60 experts specializing in organizational psychology.
  • Major investment in R&D to drive innovation and design new solutions that address business realities.
  • An excellent reputation and undisputed high profile in the market.

We now possess the talent, experience and technology to make this dream a reality. Let us show you how our Boutique and Customized Test solutions can optimize your talent assessment processes.



The value we provide

Help businesses improve assessment costs and overall assessment experience by combining:

  • The best selection of psychometric tests and tools
  • Our organizational psychology experts’ knowledge
  • Easy-to-interpret reports

for fast, informed talent-management decisions.

Get in touch with us today and learn how you can enhance your assessment process while creating value within your organization!



The Benefits You Receive

Autonomy Quality Reliability Practicality











D-Teck by Numbers

  • 40,000 tests completed on our platforms in 2014.
  • 300 organizational clients served annually.
  • 100 measurable individual characteristics using psychometric tools recommended by our R&D center.
  • 48 competencies in the SPB Competency Model available for use in turnkey reports that you can interpret yourself.
  • 30 psychometric tests and tools qualified by our R&D center available to our client users.
  • 10 years of online talent assessment service.
  • 7 distribution agreements with publishers of tests qualified by our R&D center.
  • 1 customizable and reliable online platform that can be integrated into your HR management processes and systems.
  • 1 simple online platform that is easily accessible using a PayPal account or credit card. 


    Our partners

    Our partners