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Choose from 10 families and types of positions to preselect your candidates, assess front-runners or develop your employees’ talents. 




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Before or after your interview, send your assessment codes to the candidate. Get the results just minutes after the candidate completes the last test.  

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D-Teck reports assess the competencies required for the position. In addition, the results are accompanied by interview questions and integration advice. 


Assess your candidates like our experts would


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No certification required. You can interpret the reports right away!

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Our platform fully integrates account management, assessment management and invoicing. You are free and autonomous. 




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Our experts in psychology have combined the best tests on the market to offer a unique sequence for the candidate based on the type of position being assessed (reasoning, skills, personality). 


The use of multiple assessment tools integrated into a single platform ensures a rigorous qualification process. Moreover, the indices present in the report compare the results obtained by the candidate to expected scores. This comparison, based on statistical data, reduces potential bias and increases the objectivity of the information gathered for your selection process. 


The algorithms, verified by our experts in research and development, make it possible to obtain results that replicate the judgment of experts in potential assessment with a high degree of accuracy, at a very affordable price.    


You pay for individual reports. No subscription is required. The more reports you buy in batch, the lower the unit cost.  


Simple to Navigate

To optimize you experience, our platform is compatible with all types of computers. "Complete your tests when you want, where you want!”

Guaranteed Bilingual

All assessments, questionnaires and reports are available in French and English.  


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