Our Senior Assessment and Measurement Advisor

Conseillères sénior mesure et évaluation psychométrique

Anica Zarac Ph.D., organizational psychologist, joins the product team of D-TECK.

She arrives from SPB organizational psychology where she has held a consultative role in organizational psychology since 2006.

Her expertise includes the assessment of potential, the development of measurement tools, the conceptualization and animation of training workshops as well as coaching.

Anica has worked in partnership with D-TECK since 2017, as an external advisor animating trainings for D-TECK across Canada. Driven by that experience and the avant-gardist and innovative vision of D-TECK, she decided to join the team as an internal contributor.

Anica seeks to support the D-TECK team as senior expert in competency assessment and experienced trainer.

One of Anica's favourite quotes is:

"Creativity is intelligence having fun" by Albert Einstein.

By joining the D-TECK team, she is convinced that she will be delighted in accompanying her customers in acquiring creative and innovative solutions that help their company to progress and be more efficient.