Our Story

To reflect its leading-edge position, SPB is repositioning its online assessment activities. 

Fuelled by a culture of agility and innovation for over 35 years, SPB guides leaders and their organizations to the pinnacle of healthy performance. In order to take its online assessment solutions to new heights, SPB is proud to introduce its new subsidiary D‑TECK.

SPB has always innovated when it comes to assessments. In 1998, we launched an interactive multimedia simulation for customer contact centres, which at that time had to be installed by floppy disk!  
In creating its subsidiary D-TECK, SPB is positioning itself as the ultimate leader in assessment by combining the scientific rigor of organizational psychology, the performance of leading-edge technology solutions and the world of possibility offered by artificial intelligence and big data in predicting human behaviour at work.
D-TECK offers online assessments that combine measurements from the top suppliers in the world in a single solution integrated using algorithms. Its website offers complete assessments for the following families of positions: team leader, safety leader, professional, project manager, sales, customer service, administrative support, industrial support and the protection of people and property.
D-TECK can also work with its clients to create solutions fully customized to their needs or to provide the assessment tool that meets their needs from the range of options available.
In addition to making available the most common assessment tools (such as cognitive tests, personality inventories and management scenarios), D-TECK’s mission is to keep monitoring advances in the field of assessment. Martin Cloutier, D-TECK’s co-founder and business leader, is particularly proud of the launch of automated video interviews: “In addition to being more efficient and reducing costs in the hiring process, video interviews have a positive impact on the organizational brand for those who use them. It positions them as innovative and focused on the candidate experience.”