Capitalize on a self-guided access to our integrated online solutions by job family, for effective assessment of your candidates and employees. Get instant results in an easy-to-interpret report format developed specifically by the SPB D-Teck psychology experts.

  • Tools designed by organizational psychology experts to be reliable and valid
  • Accessible online 24/7, 365 days a year
  • No prior training required
  • Full control to create assessment codes, administer tests, and generate reports
  • Easy-to-understand reports, regardless of the reader’s knowledge of psychometrics

Whether you need to conduct thousands of assessments or just one, take full control through an autonomous solution with fast, simple access.



Integrated Assessment Solution: much more than just a test

Our team of organizational psychology experts has assembled the best combination of assessment tools on the market, based on critical factors for each job family. As soon as the person being assessed has finished the tests and questionnaires, an integrated report is automatically emailed to you. This report presents the findings in a clear manner so you can quickly determine whether the candidate’s profile is a good fit for the position.

All D-Teck reports are designed by our experts, who work to optimize each tool using high-performance algorithms to present the results in an accurate and informative manner. D-Teck Boutique solutions give you access to the breadth of knowledge from a team of specialists.


Job Families

  • Industrial Support
  • Sales*
  • Engineering Professionals*
  • Administrative Support*

* A solution for assessing positions within this job family will be available soon. Check the Boutique regularly to discover our new solutions.


Next steps

  • Get connected (start by creating your account)
  • Choose the job family to be assessed
  • Generate your assessment codes and send them to the candidates or employees you want to assess
  • The results are compiled in a report that is generated instantly





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