Individual Psychometric Tests


D-Teck offers premium "à la carte" options to online assessment evaluations and tools. You will have the control, flexibility and efficiency you need to assess your candidates or employees. 

This option will provide you with a wide range of automated online assessments with a high degree of psychometric validity. The evaluation tools can be administered anywhere and the self-interpretable reports are generated instantaneously once completed.

Personality inventories

These evaluations are designed to forecast an individual’s career success rates, provide insight in detecting risk factors and identify their motivations and interests.

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Multiple choice in-baskets

These evaluations are situational judgement tests designed to assess an individual’s managerial competencies.

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Skill and aptitudes tests

These evaluations are designed to evaluate specific skills inherent in a position.

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Cognitive tests

These tests are designed to evaluate an individual’s logical thinking and operational abilities in relation to verbal, spatial and numerical aspects.

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