SAVE time and money by automating the candidate pre-interview.

SIMPLIFY your hiring process and make scheduling conflicts a thing of the past.

BENEFIT from leading-edge technology.

GIVE every candidate an equal opportunity.

ATTRACT the top talent regardless of language or location.

MODERNIZE your image.

GO BEYOND intuition by combining the video interview and a 360-degree psychometric assessment.

How It Works?


FLEXIBILITY – Video interviews are available to the recruiter and candidates by smartphone and tablet. They receive 24/7 support.

INTEGRATION – The application can be integrated to your own system using a complete API.

SECURITY – Videos are encrypted online and data is stored safely in certified centres.

LANGUAGE – Video interviews are available in English, French, Spanish, Italian, Danish, Swedish, German, Portuguese, Dutch, Malaysian, Korean, traditional and simplified Chinese, Russian, Turkish, Hungarian, Arabic and Polish. New languages are being added regularly.

Video interview included3 types of interviews are available

Standard interview: Enter up to eight questions manually

Interview by position: Six questions developed by D-TECK based on the position. Get the correction grid for D-TECK questions to ensure a standardized assessment of your candidates’ answers.

Personalized interview: Six questions generated following a D-TECK psychometric assessment. Enter up to two personalized questions. Get the correction grid for D-TECK questions for a standardized assessment of your candidates’ answers.

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