Workland and D-TECK partnership

IMMEDIATE PRESS RELEASE - Montreal, October 17, 2017

Workland and D-TECK announce a new strategic partnership in talent selection automation

The future of recruitment has arrived!


WORKLAND, announced today that it has entered into a strategic partnership with D-TECK, creating the “next big thing” in recruitment: Perfect candidate-employer matches, automated through Artificial Intelligence, backed by validated science. By combining the power of an advanced ATS (Applicant-Tracking-System) technology with psychometric match making capabilities, Workland and D-TECK together contribute to creating the future of HR.

Workland is known in the recruitment industry for commercializing ATLAS, an artificially intelligent talent acquisition platform, which automates and accelerates recruitment from posting to hire.   “Teaming up with the D-TECK team is an exciting development for Workland, bridging the gap between recruitment & sourcing technologies, staffing agencies and the psychometric testing needs of companies” said Julie Hubert, CEO & President of Workland. 

“Our strategic partnership with Workland was natural. We are two highly innovative firms that showcase artificial intelligence with the goal of optimizing and simplifying the talent acquisition process. This innovative recruitment process allows the candidate at the center of the process, to maximise his overall experience.” Said Martin Cloutier, Co-Founder, President and Organizational Psychologist at D-TECK.


About Workland

Workland has developed a recruitment & HR ECOSYSTEM, a virtual HR market place regrouping the best and most advanced HR technologies and solutions providers, driven by solid values and centered on meeting the needs of their HR clients.   Workland always makes sure to combine and balance both the TECHNOLOGICAL and HUMAN side of recruitment, presenting the most relevant HR and recruitment tools, easy to use and access during all of the different phases of recruitment. Through the alliance of HUMAN + TECHNOLOGY, Workland is truly recruitment done differently.


About D-Teck

D-TECK sets itself the challenge of making the science of assessment universally available to companies that want to work autonomously. They replicate the judgement of skill and performance assessment experts using mathematical algorithms. The recent integration of automated video interviews based on the results obtained by the candidates makes D-TECK a comprehensive solution that combines organizational psychology, artificial intelligence and technologies.


 For more information please contact:

Julie Hubert

President & CEO of Workland

Phone: 514 707-0097


Martin Cloutier

Co-Founder, President and Organizational Psychologist

Phone: 514 708-4566