Adaptive Matrigma - ASSESSIODescription

This test measures a person’s general cognitive skills, that is, the ability to solve problems, draw logical conclusions and plan. The candidate’s task in taking this test is to recognize the connections between the figures presented and determine the logical continuation to identify the figure that completes the matrix. This test effectively measures skills in reasoning, deduction and induction. The Adaptive Matrigma is based on the Classic Matrigma’s psychometric qualities. Plus, to improve the candidate experience and encourage their involvement in the selection process, this short version of the Matrigma uses the power of algorithms to adapt the difficulty of questions asked of candidates based on their answers. This makes it possible to limit the duration of the test to 12 minutes rather than 40 minutes, while maintaining its accuracy.

Completion time: 12 minutes


Adaptive Matrigma - ASSESSIOInclus

1 cognitive test

Self-interpretable report available instantly in English and French.

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