Adaptive Video Interview Description

Better than the telephone, fewer constraints than a face-to-face interview… the video interview: a solution that works with your schedule.

SAVE time and money by automating the candidate pre-interview.

SIMPLIFY your hiring process and make scheduling conflicts a thing of the past.

BENEFIT from leading-edge technology.

GIVE every candidate an equal opportunity.

ATTRACT the top talent regardless of language or location.

MODERNIZE your image.

GO BEYOND intuition by combining the video interview and a 360-degree psychometric assessment.

Adaptive Video Interview Inclus

Battery of tests with self-interpretable report.

Six questions generated following a D-TECK psychometric assessment.

Enter up to two personalized questions.

Get the correction grid for D-TECK questions for a standardized assessment of your candidates’ answers.

$320 $

The process

Enter the information about the position to fill and the candidate and then draft the interview questions (two to eight depending on the option chosen).

Candidates receive a link via email giving them access to the online video interview. They choose the time that is best for them to answer your questions. Questions appear one at a time so they cannot see them in advance. Candidates have equal chances because they answer the same questions and have the same amount of time to read and respond to them.

Once the interview is completed you receive a link via email to watch your candidate’s video interview and you can share it with your colleagues at any time.

Assess the candidate’s answers using an analysis grid developed by D-TECK.


FLEXIBILITY – Video interviews are available to the recruiter and candidates by smartphone and tablet. They receive 24/7 support.

INTEGRATION – The application can be integrated to your own system using a complete API.

SECURITY – Videos are encrypted online and data is stored safely in certified centres.

LANGUAGE – Video interviews are available in English French Spanish Italian Danish Swedish German Portuguese Dutch Malaysian Korean traditional and simplified Chinese Russian Turkish Hungarian Arabic and Polish. New languages are being added regularly.

Customized video interview

If you have a high volume of candidates and want a customized solution, we offer the ability to integrate video interviews to your management system.

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