Administrative Support

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Assessed Positions

For administrative support position.

E.g. administrative assistant, secretary, receptionist, data entry clerk, etc.


  • An indicator of the applicant's potential to demonstrate the key competencies and the administrative support skills that generally lead to success in this position, namely:
    • Agility
    • Learning Ability
    • Collaboration
    • Communication of Information
    • Organization
    • Decision Making
    • Attention to Detail


  • A rating of the degree to which the candidate's results match the expected profile, based on all the competencies
  • Advice on integration that will help you provide the conditions for successful hiring
  • Suggested questions for use during the recruitment interview based on the assessment results, when elements require further details


  • Report available instantly, and also in English and French
  • Online assessment in about 80 minutes using four tools (one cognitive test, two personality inventories and one skills test)
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