Project Management

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Assessed Positions

For a job involving project management or coordination responsibilities within a matrix-based approach. 

E.g. project manager, project lead, etc.


  • An indicator of the applicant's potential to demonstrate the key skills that generally lead to success in a project management, namely:
    • Abstract Reasoning Skills
    • Know How to Control
    • Stress Management
    • Influence
    • Rigour
    • Collaboration
    • Consideration for Clients
    • Agility
    • Results Orientation
    • Autonomy
    • Know How to Organize and Coordinate
  • An overall score indicating the fit between the individual's results and the expected profile, based on all of the key skills. 
  • Advice on integration that will help you provide the conditions for successful hiring.
  • Suggested questions for use during the recruitment interview based on the assessment results, when elements require further details.


  • Report available instantly, and also in English and French
  • Online assessment in about 140 minutes using five tools (one cognitive test, one situational judgement test, and three personality inventories)
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