Integrated Online Solution SalesDescription

Assessed Positions

For a non-managerial position in sales.

E.g. salesperson, sales clerk, sales representative, territory representative, technical sales representative, etc.


  • An indicator of the applicant's potential to demonstrate the key skills that generally lead to success in this position, namely:
    • Influence
    • Perseverance
    • Self-Control
    • Consideration for Clients
    • Business Relationships
    • Rigour
    • Learning Ability


  • A rating of the degree to which the candidate's results match the expected profile, based on all the competencies
  • An indicator of the individual's motivational levers: accomplishment, affiliation, financial and recognition
  • Advice on integration that will help you provide the conditions for successful hiring
  • Suggested questions for use during the recruitment interview based on the assessment results, when elements require further details


  • Report available instantly, and also in English and French
  • Online assessment in about 70 minutes using four tools (one cognitive test, two personality inventories, and one values and interest questionnaire)
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    Integrated Online Solution SalesInclus

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    The Process

    Ask a candidate to complete an assessment. Once that person completes the tests and questionnaires you will automatically receive an integrated report by email. It clearly presents results allowing you to see at a glance whether a candidate’s profile fits with a position by giving you a clear picture of the skills of the person assessed.

    Analyze the assessment report and make the right choice based on reliable precise scientific results.

    Receive suggestions for interview questions and efforts to help integrate successful candidates to their new position.

    D-TECK science

    D-TECK set itself the challenge of making the science of assessment universally available to companies that want to work autonomously… no exceptions. So we had to find a way to provide a complete precise and reliable assessment at a lower cost. The solution? We replicated the judgement of skill and performance assessment experts using mathematical algorithms.

    → We started by analyzing critical skills for each position using the scientific literature.

    → Then we combined HR analytics and big data to create mathematical algorithms.

    Sample Assessment

    Click on the link below to view what you will get once the participant completes the psychometric tests.

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