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How do these Assessments work?

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combined assessment

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Just like an individual, jobs are often complex and multifaceted. Assess multiple elements at once by opting for a combined assessment, providing insight on a mix of factors related to personality, cognitive, management and skill that affect talents.

skills assessment

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With this type of assessment, evaluate transferable and tangible skills and knowledge that are applied in day-to-day tasks. They might be related to specific work tools or function or industry-specific information to determine someone’s readiness.

management assessment

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Management assessments are designed to test an individual’s judgment, planning and organizational skills, and decision-making and prioritization—all while facing demands under pressure.

cognitive assessment

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Cognitive abilities are defined as the cultivation, assimilation and application of new information to perform a job more effectively. This type of assessment evaluates how quickly one can adapt and how well they can perform in complex situations.

personality assessment

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A personality assessment provides insight into how someone behaves across time and situations and the impact they have on others. This type of assessment is used to identify leadership styles, strengths and limitations.


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A platform is a type of assessment solution that involves online portals that can be used more autonomously. Platforms also allow you to go beyond psychometrics assessments by providing other types of solutions that address talent management needs in your organization.


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A workshop is a training or certification that may be required depending on the talent assessment you choose. Workshops provide essential information on how to use these assessments, how to interpret the results and how to provide feedback to the assessed individual.

talent assessment

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A talent assessment is a series of activities to understand and predict an individual’s performance based on their work style, knowledge, skills, strengths, potential areas for improvement, job fit and task preferences.